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Transforming Supply Chain Operations with Automation

Connect customers, products and processes to interoperate, automate and advance efficiency.

In supply chain environments, every moment counts. Every detail matters. Keeping pace with demands is a heavy lift. Having the right information at your fingertips is critical in making decisions.

We’re here to lighten the load.

Ivanti is investing in an IIOT platform to enable customers to improve productivity, accuracy, safety and drive decisions with data accuracy. The goal: unlock potential and empower your customers.

Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology keeps an eye on critical components of the supply chain, working alongside your workforce to let them do what they do best while optimizing processes. Read the FAQs.

This new IIOT Platform is designed to:

  • Help you build scalable applications that drive operational efficiency.
  • Accelerate the development of complex IIOT solution with a low-code, no-code environment. Facilitate easier, faster decision-making with real-time data and deep analytics.
  • Enable your workforce to bring their talent and focus to core tasks.
  • Integrate seamlessly into existing operations.
  • Reduce the technical gap to interface heterogneous systems together.
  • Reconcile the IT constraints with those of the Business Operations.
  • Leverage not only IIoT benefits but existing Velocity fleets as well.

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