Toolkit: Digital Employee Experience

Achieve outstanding DEX while improving daily IT operations.

While workloads for IT are growing, so are employee expectations for high-quality DEX. Ivanti’s recent survey shows that 78% of employees feel they would be more productive if they had different technology at their disposal. On top of that, 85% of C-level executives said poor DEX leads employees to use unsafe workarounds!

But focusing solely on DEX will not resolve your daily IT and security operations challenges, so how can you tackle both at once?

Grab your copy of the Toolkit and learn to take an incremental approach that focuses on driving efficiencies across your day-to-day processes and improves digital employee experience in the long run.

In this toolkit you’ll find practical tips and best practices that help you:

  • Understand what assets you have.
  • Connect your patching data.
  • Automate IT workflows.
  • Track and continuously improve DEX.
  • Measure outcomes at each stage for both daily operations & long-term DEX.

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