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Seal Up IT Access Points with Zero Trust

Cybercrime never sleeps, but you still need to. Ivanti can help.

As you’ll read in our research report “Embracing Secure Access in a World of Rapidly Expanding Virtual Borders,” hackers now target the underlying technologies that support an expanding remote workforce — video conference platforms, project management and collaboration tools.

That’s why your IT security deployment should operate cohesively end to end — starting from the core, extending to the edge and encompassing the cloud. By implementing a Zero Trust strategy you can seal up every access point, making it easier to construct and maintain a sturdy security architecture.

Ivanti offers a proven, reliably secure access portfolio to safeguard the connectivity of users and devices to applications, resources and services in the cloud and data center. Key features include:

  • Always-on, Per-app and Simultaneous Tunnel Capability
  • Secure Configuration Enforcement
  • Application Control
  • Continuous Automation/Healing