Securing the Everywhere Workplace

Ivanti Acquires RiskSense

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Ivanti and RiskSense are coming together to revolutionize the effectiveness of vulnerability and patch management. Read the press release.

Please rest assured that you have the full commitment of the RiskSense and Ivanti teams to together grow and support every one of our customers.

Watch this short video from RiskSense Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Srinivas Mukkamala and Ivanti President, Jeff Abbott to hear what this means for our companies and for you.

Securing the Everywhere Workplace places a burden on IT and Security professionals who are trying to manage an explosion in devices as well as battle an increasing risk from cybercrime and ransomware attacks.   

RiskSense’s leading capabilities to identify and prioritize critical security weaknesses and provide corresponding remediation action plans combined with Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence helps prioritize, remediate and validate vulnerabilities. This will dramatically improve security and IT team efficiency and effectiveness. The integrated solutions will be available in Q3 with the launch of the latest release of Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence.

Learn more about Ivanti’s Neurons for Patch Intelligence and other patch management solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Ivanti acquire RiskSense?

A:   Ivanti is acquiring RiskSense to revolutionize the current way of patching – providing context for why you should patch, what you should patch and how you should patch. Using threat-context and risk-based analytics, Ivanti and RiskSense will enable companies to shrink their attack surface, reduce their exposure to ransomware and take a proactive, risk-based zero trust security approach.

Q: What does this mean for customers?

A:   Overall, this combination will strengthen the resources and future capabilities of the RiskSense solutions: Risk-Based Vulnerability Management, Vulnerability Knowledge Base, and Application Security Vulnerability Management.

Q: How will RiskSense’s products be integrated into the Ivanti portfolio?

A:   Even before this acquisition, RiskSense and Ivanti have been collaborating to build RiskSense’s risk-based prioritization to Ivanti’s powerful patching capabilities into Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence. Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence will be enhanced with RiskSense Vulnerability Knowledge Base data, giving insight to vulnerabilities tied to ransomware, and much more. The integrated solutions will be available in Q3 with the launch of the latest release of Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence.

Q: How will the RiskSense and Ivanti teams work together?

A:   The employees of both companies are fully committed to collaborating to grow and support every one of our customers. Srinivas Mukkamala, the CEO and Co-Founder of RiskSense will be an integral part of the Ivanti team, contributing to the continued strategy and focus for Ivanti’s security products.

Q: Who should I contact with questions about my account or support inquiries?

A:   Please continue to contact the representative and Support personnel you had prior to the acquisition.

Q: How can I find out more about Ivanti and the solutions you offer?

A:   Visit to learn how we help organizations make their Everywhere Workplace possible. Also see more about our commitment to provide our customers with the solutions they need to protect their organization during our “Summer of Security”.

Q: What if I have more questions specific to the acquisition?

A:   Reach out to your account representative or contact [email protected] and we will address your questions as quickly as possible.