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Service Management 2020: Optimize, Integrate and Automate

The IT landscape is in a constant state of flux, and IT managers need to be always on the lookout for organisation-wide solutions – for automating and streamlining processes, for keeping the application landscape manageable, and for meeting the needs of the business.

How can these needs be met in practice? Successful organisations within the changing IT landscape are those that abandon the idea of maintaining separate applications, and opt instead for a centralized Service Management platform to run their processes. Major benefits of these systems include improved interdepartmental collaboration, reduced licensing fees, and a bigger role for employees (including management) of organisational processes.

But important questions remain, such as:

  • How can Service Management be made to work for the organisation?
  • Do you choose a service-management platform for IT processes only (ITSM), or should it integrate other supporting processes from the outset, such as HR or facilities processes (ESM)?
  • How do you ensure maximum integration between applications?

This white paper covers the main trends and pitfalls to be aware of.