White Paper: Protecting the Modern Enterprise with Identity Governance

An Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) White Paper

What’s the recipe for successful identity governance? It's a broad mix of IT visibility, frequent audits, and the ability to take quick, decisive action when risks or violations are detected. Although the key ingredients might be clear, putting them all together in a lightweight, streamlined governance approach may be less obvious.

This is where an automated governance platform can help. Solutions like Ivanti Identity Director are purpose-built to securely manage each user’s identity across the entire lifecycle, from onboarding to retirement. Find out how these solutions can help organizations like yours simplify identity governance processes and eliminate countless security gaps across your enterprise.

Read the white paper now and learn how to:

  • Discover the most common identity and access management breaches — and learn why they can have devastating impacts to your business and users.
  • Improve processes for offboarding users — an essential yet frequently overlooked IT task.
  • Perform routine audits that root out common security gaps, such as weak passwords, defunct user accounts, and failed access attempts.
  • Understand how automated governance solutions improve enterprise security and the end-user experience.
  • Choose and deploy the right automated governance platform based on your infrastructure requirements.