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How AI is redefining service desk automation

What End Users Really Want from the Service Desk

7 marzo 2024

Is phone support dead? Do people actually like interacting with chatbots? How much self-service is too much self-service?

For IT service desks, they’re important questions. So we asked thousands of employees what they really want from their service desk experiences, and the results were surprising.

In this live webinar, we’ll go beyond simply sharing our research findings. You’ll enjoy a practical discussion about how to deliver the service experience employees want — and how you can use automation and AI to amplify human service delivery, not replace it.

You’ll learn about:

  • Real-life stories from IT leaders about how they’ve balanced end-user expectations against matter-of-fact resource constraints.
  • The service desk nuances that come with different industries and business types.
  • The actionable steps you can take to improve service desk experiences while still optimizing efficiency.
Peter Paul Adams
Senior Director, Product Management
Bryan Hadzik
Network Consulting Services, Inc.
Joshua Tooley
Director of IT Support and Customer Experience
Texas Christian University