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How security teams can conduct a successful business impact assessment

16 novembre 2023

Leadership teams often struggle to justify new cybersecurity requests and budgets – let alone understand the impact of their current security programs on their organization’s revenue or mission.

After all, your cybersecurity program is designed to prevent a (still-hypothetical) cybersecurity incident that might cost a (still-unknown) future amount in lost labor or productivity. 

To win a seat at the decision-makers’ table then, security leaders must prove the true organizational impact of their current programs and potential investments – all grounded in the real costs of your unique environment and potential threats.

During this webinar, our speakers will share insights from industry research and first-hand experience from conducting a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) at Ivanti.

You'll learn:

  • Why is BIA critical in translating the leadership buy-in from a conceptual to a program level?
  • What are the common frameworks that help demonstrate the business impact?
  • How did Ivanti go about the analysis process and impact quantification?
  • What should you keep in mind when approaching the BIA for the first time?.
Amanda Wittern
Deputy Chief Security Officer
Rob Lesieur
Director of Security Product Marketing
Chris Goettl
Vice President, Product Management, Security