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How to Win Budget and Influence Non-InfoSec Stakeholders for Your 2023 Cybersecurity Program

27 ottobre 2022

Make 2023 your team’s opportunity to win internal buy-in for your proactive cybersecurity strategy – not flounder in emergency remediation tactics – with our latest cybersecurity webinar.

Show your end users the “why” behind your security tool requests in a way that non-InfoSec people will understand by:

  • Offering your stakeholders an easy-to-follow, contextualized summary of major threat actors and their attack patterns from throughout 2022 – including Nobelium, ALPHV and others – pairing the panicked headlines your end users see with your team’s strategic security recommendations.

  • Moving beyond MITRE analysis and CVE criticality to show how small investments in “extra” or “annoying” security tools can interrupt devastating real-world attacks, in a language and format people outside of InfoSec can immediately grasp.

  • Proving how extra resources and funding in 2023 will give your team the opportunity to test and roll out cross-organization remediations and patches, without interrupting regular business operations – and before criminals can target vulnerable systems.
Aviral Verma
Lead Security Analyst
Cyber Security Works (CSW)
Chris Goettl
Vice President, Product Management, Security
Mike Hindman
Vice President of Product