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Roadmap to Accurate and Actionable Asset Data

28 aprile 2022

No matter what you’re trying to achieve – from getting IT costs in line to minimizing vulnerabilities to improving service delivery – knowing what assets you have will always be step one. See why accurate and actionable asset insights are the foundation for just about everything you are trying to achieve in IT and security operations.

Join this webinar to get this step-by-step guide to building out a big-picture view of your IT estate and turning it into valuable insights. Learn how you can:

  • Get visibility in real-time of your on-premises and cloud environments to detect new or unknown devices joining your network.
  • Automatically discover and map linkages between key assets and the services and applications that depend on them.
  • Ease data population and achieve CMDB success.
  • Manage IT investments from cradle to grave, including contract and vendor management, to optimize for best performance and cost.
  • Integrate with ITSM and security processes to efficiently remediate IT issues and security vulnerabilities.
Mareike Fondufe
Product Marketing Director
Franco Powers
Director of Solutions Engineering, Virima