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Ivanti Wavelink: Enhancing User Experience on SAP ITSmobile to Boost Productivity

25 maggio 2021

With the explosion of e-commerce and global demand, it is now more critical than ever for supply chain operations to find ways to enable their existing SAP EWM or mobile web environment to boost workers’ productivity. Far from just facilitating workers with the right mobile technology, the key component is to provide a more sophisticated user experience (UX) on modern mobile devices to keep workers on-task, safe, and productive.

Come find out how Procensis has radically increased the productivity of material handler’s using the SAP S/4 HANA certified enterprise browser from Ivanti Wavelink. Together, Procensis and Ivanti Wavelink have developed proven solutions that increase efficiency for supply chain and distribution facilities running on SAP Console and SAP ITSmobile in SAP EWM environments.

Join us to learn and find out:

  • Leverage client-side technology to improve productivity, accuracy, and lower training costs on SAP installations
  • Transform to a modern mobile user interface in SAP environments 
  • Easily add voice to reduce costs with picking accuracy
  • Q&A

Sam Gonzales
Ivanti Wavelink: Director of Sales Engineering
Aaron Bolton
Procensis: Vice President
Chuck Coxhead
Procensis: VP of Sales and Marketing