2023 Executive Security Spotlight
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2023 Executive Security Spotlight

Ivanti’s State of Cybersecurity Preparedness series

Explore the Conduct Gap between what executive leaders say about cybersecurity – and what they actually do.

2023 Executive Security SpotlightIn the inaugural Press Reset research report, only 21% of organizational leaders and security teams considered “lack of executive buy-in” a significant security barrier.

Yet, executive leaders are more likely to practice unsafe security behaviors than their security teams previously understood.

In this Executive Security Spotlight, we reveal how – when compared with the general office worker populations – leaders were:

  • 5 times more likely to say they’ve purposefully accessed sensitive customer or company information they didn’t need for their jobs.
  • 4 times more likely to report clicking a phishing link – or that they’d outright sent money.
  • 4 times more likely to share their personal corporate passwords with individuals outside the organization, including external contractors and family members.

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  • The sizable gap between executives’ stated priorities and their on-the-job actions.
  • How executives’ security habits post a substantially higher risk for cyberattacks and breaches than those of the general office population.
  • The current distrust between executives and the teams responsible for security team.

Practical ways to secure your organization with quiet, behind-the-scenes implementations that security teams of any size could implement today.

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