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Prescription for IT Health

Keep the focus on patient care without compromising privacy and security

IT teams have one of the hardest jobs in hospitals and healthcare institutions today. Teams need to ensure that clinicians have access to the right applications and records when they need it while protecting patient privacy. They must optimise IT operations to deliver the best value for the organisation, support improvements in patient care, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Protecting against outside cyber threats is a necessity as online criminals target healthcare organisations more and more. IT teams must protect systems, users, and patient records from aggressive hackers.

Modernise IT to focus on patient outcomes

Healthcare IT departments need to deliver exceptional and timely service. The challenge is high with rising clinician and patient expectations, regulatory mandates, and external security threats. The good news? Ivanti can help meet these challenges efficiently, effectively and economically.

Organisations must protect the privacy and confidentiality of patient records, allowing access and sharing to only authorised staff or clinicians.
Secure against cyber attacks
Ageing, unpatched software and the increased use of user-targeted attacks make the healthcare industry vulnerable.
Everyone’s blood pressure goes up if clinicians waste time with long logon and application access times, or delays in accessing needed records.
Non-compliance leads to significant penalties. Adherence to standard policies and processes are a must to ensure ongoing compliance. Plus, compliance with licence entitlements controls costs and business risk.
Doctors time with patients is tight. Patients get more attention and better care when the right records and applications are immediately available.
Ensure availability of critical systems and applications
Reduce life threatening consequences when clinical applications are not highly available.
Manage and update critical devices
The device landscape for IT is complex. Devices need to be securely connected and have the latest applications, access controls, and tools.
Drive IT performance while optimising costs
IT teams are expected to minimise costs while delivering services that are reliable and high performing.

Keep your IT systems at peak health

Ivanti offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to improve IT performance, security, and compliance across your environment. Ivanti solutions meet your organisation’s specific needs, enabling maximum benefit with minimal disruption for your clinicians, caregivers and patients.

Unified Endpoint Manager
Allow clinicians to personalise their workspaces to improve productivity. Centrally manage, configure, and deploy Windows, Mac, iOS and Android endpoints on and off the network with greater efficiency and less disruption.
Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager
Protect against even sophisticated threats with solutions ranging from comprehensive patch management, application and device control, privilege and access management. Deploy robust security management for a complete defence-in-depth framework.
Service Manager
Automate service delivery to improve IT service desk support. Improve efficiency with workflow automation, self-service and voice automation.
Optimise your critical IT assets across their entire lifecycle to reduce financial risk and gain the most from your IT investments.

IT Excellence improves patient care

Ivanti supports healthcare’s core mission. IT needs a sustained focus on excellence to be more agile, productive, and cost effective. Healthcare organisations rely on Ivanti solutions to follow best practises and standards, secure the IT environment, and align IT to the delivery of excellent patient care.

Change management

Reduce the risk of out-of-compliance fines when making changes and updates to your Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Use a comprehensive Change and Release processes to manage the complete release lifecycle.

Asset optimization

Increase visibility to maximise the performance and value of your IT assets. Reclaim unused software, meet compliance requirements, and save time and budget with a centralised view of your assets.

VIP support

Automatically route clinicians experiencing IT issues for immediate attention so they get back to their patients.

Multi-layerd security

Isolate infected devices and take corrective actions quickly to stop malware infections. Protect the IT landscape and patient records with automated discovery, patch management, application and device control, and other solutions.

Personalised desktops

Deliver personalised workspaces to every clinician, no matter what devices they use.

Faster logon times

Drastically cut logon and application access times so clinicians spend more time with more patients without compromising security.

A Prescription for Enhanced IT Fitness

Protect and improve your IT environment with Ivanti to optimise performance and security, while reducing operational and infrastructure costs.