Zero Trust Access: Cloud-Based Service for Hybrid IT

Securely access any public, private or hybrid cloud application and data centre resource.


Zero Trust Access



2020 Zero Trust Access Report: Infographic  


Flexible, secure access

ZTA Advantages

The right access to the right place for diverse users, devices and services – all in an extensible platform.

End-to-End Zero Trust Architecture

Secure, direct device-to-application access any time, anywhere. 

Continuous Stateful Identity

Negates unauthorised user and vulnerable device access before session establishment. 

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy ZTA Gateways closest to applications for optimised performance and scale. 

Maximum Data Privacy

All user and application data encrypted between client and gateway. 

Single Pane of Glass Administration

End-to-end visibility, automated provisioning and unified policy enforcement. 

Broad Application Support

Segmented Layer 3 and 4, micro-segmented application-specific access, plus MFA and SSO. 

Adaptive Security Control

Extensive user and device attributes analysed before and during access. 

Dark Cloud

User and device resource shielding – attackers can’t hack what they can’t see. 

User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

Track, detect and respond to malicious and anomalous activity. 

Data Sovereignty

All user and application data are fully encrypted. Application data is never shared with the Pulse Secure service.