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Practical demo: Applying Service Management to HR for a Seamless Hybrid Workplace

08 March 2023

Constant changes in guidelines and policies, combined with a variety of employee requests and expectations are making the blend of hybrid, remote and in-office work complicated – with a limitless possibility of unprecedented logistical headaches and security challenges.

Luckily, automated and intuitive tools can help smoothen and optimize processes and self-service solutions allow for improved employee experience, while innovative technologies deliver more context and insights about team performance and bandwidth.

In this session, David Pickering will provide an overview of how HR teams can use service management to deliver real-time and on-demand services in an employee-friendly way.


  • Streamline HR workflows and increase productivity.
  • Improve employee satisfaction with on-demand self-service.
  • Elevate HR service delivery while lowering operational costs.
  • Harness in-depth, actionable insights from built-in analytics and reporting.
David Pickering
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager