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Ivanti Wavelink: Avalanche Printer Management For Zebra Link OS Printers

07 October 2020

As enterprises refresh their rugged printer populations, they want a modern management experience, with both their mobile devices and their printers visible through a single pane of glass. Ivanti Avalanche, long renowned for being highly scalable for device management, will soon be adding Zebra Link OS printer- support to the fold. In this webinar, we will be discussing the soon-to-be-released Avalanche Printer Management solution, which will allow customers to discover and manage all the deployed and yet to be deployed Zebra printers, right alongside all of the mobile devices already being managed. Join us and learn about: 

  • Discovering all deployed Zebra Link OS printers 
  • Enrolling and managing discovered printers remotely 
  • Enrolling new printers 
  • Monitoring important printer metrics 
  • Configuring and receiving alerts for critical issues 
  • Pushing firmware updates 
  • Pushing files and configuration changes 
  • Troubleshooting issues with printers remotely 
Ian Palmer
Wavelink- Product Manager
Alex Evans
VP, Product Management and Solutions