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Unlock 1 TB for Every Office 365 User with Ivanti File Director

18 May 2017

Office 365 is being adopted in record numbers—over 100 million monthly active Office 365 commercial users as of April 27th according to Microsoft.

Each of those Office 365 users gets 1TB of storage on OneDrive. And IT has no way to leverage that storage to support the business—until now.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Ivanti File Director* enables IT to claim and control their Office 365 users’ OneDrive storage space to support organizational initiatives and cut operating costs while preserving users’ native workflows and behaviors. Join Neil Barnett, File Director Product Manager, and Ollie Sills, Senior Product Marketing Manager, as they provide a File Director overview plus a detailed description and demonstration of the OneDrive Connector.

Neil Barnett
Product Manager
Ollie Sills
Sr. Product Marketing Manager