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Security and Education: Smarter Users Make Safer Networks

23 March 2016

While high-profile hacks garner the bulk of the publicity, they are not the biggest threat to your organization's IT security. In 2015, Ponemon Institute and IBM found that only 45 percent of IT security breaches are caused by malicious activities. The other 55 percent are caused by system glitches or problems-and by mistakes made by legitimate users.

The good news? Regular engagement and education of those users about their roles in protecting business-critical assets can make them the most powerful elements in your organization's portfolio of security solutions.

Watch this informative and timely Webinar on “Security and Education: Smarter Users Make Safer Networks.” You'll learn how enterprises like yours are working to make their networks safer by making their users smarter-and how your enterprise can do so, too.

Michael Dortch
Senior Product Marketing Manager