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Know What Joins, Uses, and Leaves Your Network

07 September 2016
For those in IT who always want to be in the know and have the answers for their managers, this webinar is for you. Devices are constantly joining, utilizing resources on or leaving your network, but how much do you know about them? You can’t secure, track, or manage what you don’t know about on your network. That’s why it’s important for many IT teams to have timely information about devices on the network, including teams dealing with asset management, IT security, or IT operations. See a myriad of methods you can use to discover information with LANDESK solutions and then see and use that data to gain insights about your entire IT environment. You’ll also get a peek into new technologies and data integration that will make your job easier. You’ll have the answers to more questions when your manager wants to know about that next hot issue.
Rex McMillan
Vice President, Product Management