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Structuring Self-Service Provisioning

02 September 2015

The ITSM community has gone a bit crazy with self-service needing to be like Amazon. On-line ordering and self-service are not the same thing. If you want to provision services beyond simple requests, you need to structure your design with Service Management integration. This webinar will cover the Whys, Whats, and Hows to design and craft an Enterprise Self-Service system.

Leveraging marketing, supply chain, and service management best practices, our ITSM Product Evangelist Matt Hooper will discuss key ways to make your self-service valuable and usable in the enterprise. This will not be a discussion about portals and shopping carts, but a real-world review of enterprise agility created through self-service.

Watch this installment in our webinar series, "Crafting an Enterprise Self-Service System." Learn how IT is using the power of self-service tools to become more responsive, save money, and help their users work more effectively.

Matt Hooper
ITSM Evangelist