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A 2016 Survival Guide to Providing Multi-Device Support

15 December 2015

Enterprises are currently experiencing a major paradigm shift in how they support an increasingly mobile workforce, and 2016 is poised to be a critical year of change. Until recently, mobile device management solutions have evolved completely independent of more traditional PC lifecycle management platforms. However, as tablet and laptop form factors begin to merge and operating systems, such as Windows 10, are creating common software environments, the distinction between a PC and a mobile device is blurring. To effectively meet this rapidly changing world, IT organization must adopt management solutions that unify both PC and mobile device administration. In this one hour webinar Steve Brasen, Managing Research Director from industry analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), joins Tim Williams, Director Product Marketing at HEAT Software to provide a prescriptive discussion on supporting multi-device environments in 2016. The presentation will leverage EMA primary research to reveal best practices and solutions necessary for any organization to maintain a competitive edge by boosting workforce productivity.