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Predict My Hardware and Software Spend

Forget Overlicensing
Never overbuy software licenses again. Know what licenses you have and how many you’re using so you don’t get burned.
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No more hassle. Make vendor renewals a breeze with Ivanti.
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Easy Math
Learn how scenario modeling and analysis can help you forecast the cost and time for future projects.
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Zero guessing

Get the tools to help you make smart decisions

Looking to migrate to Windows 10? Want to know how much it’s going to cost per user and how long it’s going to take? Need a hardware refresh but worried that you don’t have the budget? Don’t start another strategic IT initiative without having all the facts.

The unknown can cost you a lot of money, especially when it comes to your hardware and software assets. Avoid surprises that can lead to over-licencing, high true-up costs, and even hefty fines.

Cut out the guesswork and get a solution that provides you with accurate scenario modelling and analysis -- saving you time and money.

Don’t just manage licences – get valuable insight

Looking for a faster way to success? Need to optimise your hardware and software assets before a renewal? Ivanti Licence Optimizer for Clients or Servers helps you plan for success by giving you the information you need, when you need it.

Know your position
Discover if you have any licencing shortfalls or unused licences.
Optimise Your Assets
Clawback licences from users to save money or reallocate licences to users who need them.
Negotiating Power
Get the knowledge you need to negotiate with vendors on your terms.
Vendor Insight
Know what terms are typical and what negotiating tactics have worked in the past.

Saving has never been this simple

According to Compass, research shows that up 60% of your organisation’s software portfolio is probably over-licenced. Instead of wasting money on over-buying licences, invest it in a solution that can save you more in the end. For every dollar you put into software asset management, you could get up to $5-$10 in return.

Ivanti products give you the edge to proactively about predict and manage software and hardware costs throughout their lifecycle.

License Optimizer
Maximise your software licences and stop overspending.

Get your spend in control and your assets in line

Make the most of your hardware and software investment. Get a feature-rich IT asset management solution that helps you forecast spend and optimise your current hardware and software. 

Intuitive Interface

Visualise and manage the entire lifecycle of hardware, software, contracts, licences, and liabilities.

Powerful Engine

Our ELP and OLP engine factors upgrade/downgrade paths, suites, bundles, etc. to maximise your licence coverage.

Ready to Go

Our product metrics and software library includes more than 7,000 vendors and associated products.

Customizable Dashboards

Easily build and provide the most relevant information for any role in your organisation.

Smart Solution

Built in AI and analytics work behind the scenes to identify trends to shape intelligence and future insights.

Unmatched Scalability

Model multiple scenarios for large/complex IT transformations, including cloud migrations with inbuilt Cloud-APIs.