Ivanti Neurons

Resolve IT roadblocks before you experience them.

Power and protect your teams from cloud to edge with Ivanti Neurons, the hyperautomation platform for Everywhere Work. Delivering the power of self-healing has never been so simple.

Do less fixing. Get more done.

What if you could discover and fix issues automatically before your users even know about them? Ivanti Neurons does just that. Powered by machine-learning and deep intelligence, it lets you remediate issues preemptively before they slow your productivity. Take troubleshooting off your agenda and deliver better experiences, everywhere your business works.

Turbocharge your IT

Ivanti Neurons fuels your IT with real-time intelligence you can act on, enables devices to self-heal and self-secure, and provides users with a personalised self-service experience. Empower your users, your team and your business to do more, everywhere, with Ivanti Neurons.

Boost your bottom line

Ivanti Neurons delivers value from day one by providing real-time insights that let you thwart risks and prevent breaches in seconds, not minutes. And with visibility across your software landscape, you can optimise asset performance and costs. Bottom line: less downtime, more efficient operations and fast return on your Ivanti investment.

The 2022 Digital Employee Experience Report

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The workplace has transformed. Now it’s everywhere, with employees working on every kind of device, network and application. Ivanti Neurons is the game-changing platform that simplifies and automates your IT, giving you unprecedented control and management of your entire IT estate.

Ivanti Neurons provides real-time insights that lead to faster, better decisions, resulting in groundbreaking levels of speed, accuracy and efficiency. Discover better outcomes, flawless user experiences and more productive business everywhere your business works, with Ivanti Neurons.

Ivanti Neurons continuously senses, discovers, and remediates security threats even before your users know about them. It also provides insights into your software landscape and application spend, enabling you to optimise your asset performance over entire lifecycles. And by enabling devices to self-heal and self-secure, and users to self-service, you’ll spend less time fixing problems and more time creating value. 

Preemptively resolve up to 80% of endpoint issues
Reduce unplanned outages up to 60%

Power and protect your organisation's Everywhere Work

Ivanti Neurons’ hyperautomation technology makes it possible for you to discover, manage, secure and service your IT landscape from cloud to edge.

Discover your workplace

Start now. Find every asset, everywhere, with Ivanti’s Discovery solutions.

Manage your workplace

Delight your users with a personalized, secure work experience with Ivanti’s Unified Endpoint Management solutions.

Secure your workplace

Ensure peace of mind everywhere your business works with Ivanti’s zero-trust security solutions.

Service your workplace

Deliver amazing user experiences and business outcomes with Ivanti’s Enterprise Service Management solutions.

Ivanti Neurons Solutions Foundation

Ivanti Neurons fuels your IT with real-time intelligence you can act on, enables devices to self-heal and self-secure, and provides users with a personalised self-service experience. Empower your employees, your team, and your business to do more, everywhere, with Ivanti Neurons.

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

Make your IT, and your user experiences, more efficient and secure with real-time visibility of your assets

Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence

Quickly identify and fix issues with real-time intelligence across your enterprise

Ivanti Neurons for Healing

Take troubleshooting off your agenda with automatic detection, diagnosing and healing of endpoint issues

Ivanti Neurons Workspace

Speed up resolutions and deliver more efficient and productive work experiences

Ivanti Neurons Solutions: Manage

Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management

Automate deployments, personalize user workspaces and fix issues quickly, everywhere

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

Optimize your application spend with a comprehensive picture of your asset portfolio, including purchase history, license renewals and contracts

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare

Improves asset visibility and security risk mitigation for medical devices

Ivanti Neurons Solutions: Secure

Ivanti Neurons for Secure Access

Ubiquitous management of policies and environments to enable access to applications and networks

Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access

Drive consistent security policies across users, devices, and application access

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence

Use accurate, real-time data to act on threats faster and reduce your time to patch

Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management

Efficiently prioritize and remediate the vulnerabilities that pose the most danger to your organization

Ivanti Neurons Patch for Intune

Protect against vulnerabilities in third-party apps by extending Microsoft Intune with risk-based third-party patch publishing

Ivanti Neurons for Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Measure and control your true cybersecurity risk to better protect against cyber threats

Ivanti Neurons for App Security Orchestration & Correlation

Adopt a risk-based approach to vulnerability management for your application stack

Ivanti Neurons for Vulnerability Knowledge Base

Expedite vulnerability assessments and prioritization with near-real-time vulnerability threat intelligence

Ivanti Neurons Solutions: Service

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

Deliver new levels of satisfaction and effectiveness for your IT service management operations while making your business more productive, compliant, and secure

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM

Optimize the performance of your IT assets across their lifecycle, while tracking contracts, warranty, and financial information to ensure assets are efficiently managed and secured

Ivanti Neurons for HR

Deliver streamlined and automated HR service management for a more efficient and productive employee experience

Ivanti Neurons for Facilities

Meet the needs of business operations by automating facilities workflows and projects

Ivanti Neurons for GRC

Reign in risk and cybersecurity spend with a modern approach to GRC

Ivanti Neurons for PPM

Real‑time project portfolio management so you can deliver on‑time and under‑budget

With Ivanti Neurons we have seen and will continue to see significant savings in asset and warranty management, by proactively monitoring device health, such as battery performance, Ivanti Neurons gives us real-time actionable intelligence, so we can automate or make more informed decisions and keep our users productive.

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