Desktop & Server Management (DSM)

Centralized server management software for securing all your physical and virtual endpoints
Endpoint Management Automated
From initial installation to retirement – Ivanti DSM has you covered with desktop and server management of all physical and virtual endpoints.
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We're here to stay!
Let us be clear: Ivanti DSM is here to stay! This beloved solution receives continuous support and increased focus. Watch the webinar for more details.
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What’s New with Ivanti DSM?

See the latest release video updates to better understand new enhancements when available.

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Let Automation Work For You

Better performance. Less effort. Lower TCO.

A typical IT organization supports at least four different operating environments, each with unique configurations, applications, services, and security protocols. According to IT managers, the need to support multi-device architectures ranks among the top three challenges in supporting user productivity (EMA Research).

Let automation work for you. Ivanti DSM helps IT organizations manage and secure endpoints across their lifecycle to empower user productivity and enable improved business performance at reduced cost.

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With DSM a small staff can manage and provide updates to a large number of clients and servers.

Up Your Shift Left Strategy

Leverage the benefits of Ivanti Desktop and Server Management (DSM) to delegate easy-to-manage tasks, so you free up your top IT technicians for strategic projects and up your 'Shift Left' strategy.

Integrated Software Packaging & Scripting Engine

Automated packaging of operating systems, applications, system configurations, drivers and more with easy to use packaging and scripting wizards.

Software Lifecycle Management

Automated software provisioning, configuration and remediation tasks to efficiently manage physical and virtual endpoints across their lifecycle.

Policy-Based Management

Save time and respond quicker to changing requirements with policy-based management, automatic compliance monitoring and flagging of exceptions to predetermined policies.

Microsoft Intune Connector

Connect to your Azure tenant to let DSM upload the DSM client agent directly to Intune and install the DSM agent on all devices.

Software Packaging and Deployment

Native integration with both Windows and Unix management frameworks and technologies, enabling standardized management across all platforms.

Imaging and OS Deployment

Automate packaging of operating systems, applications, system configurations, drivers and more with easy to use packaging and scripting wizards.

Patch Management

Identify and patch vulnerabilities throughout multiple operating systems and third-party software.

Remote Control

Remotely access and control all systems on the network.

User Profile Migration

Automated backup and migration of user states for all users on a device to improve employee productivity.

Configuration Management

Prepackaged configuration templates for firewalls, security settings, service configurations, local password changes and more.

Citrix / Server Management

Synchronize server configurations and utilize ready-to-use packages for OS and Citrix XenApp components to eliminate inconsistent software states and configurations that endanger availability.

Experience the Power of Automation

Explore how Desktop and Server Management (DSM) automatically packages and deploys software and operating systems, patches vulnerabilities, and efficiently manages Windows OS migrations, virtual environments, Citrix server farms, and more.