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Practical Demo: How Ivanti Maps to CIS Controls Version 8

11 June 2024

The ever-increasing variety and volume of vulnerabilities and threats — and processes and technologies designed to fight them — make cybersecurity an overwhelming undertaking. The CIS Critical Security Controls help organizations make sense of cybersecurity with best-practice guidance for preventing and responding to cyberattacks.
Join this webinar and discover how Ivanti’s integrated solutions enable you to easily implement CIS Controls v8 Safeguards.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Actively manage all enterprise assets to know the totality of assets that need to be protected within the enterprise (CIS Control 1).
  • Continuously assess and track vulnerabilities to remediate and minimize the window of opportunity for attackers (CIS Control 7).
  • Establish a program to develop and maintain an incident-response capability to prepare for, detect and respond to an attack (CIS Control 17).
Chris Goettl
Vice President, Product Management, Security
Robert Waters
Lead Product Marketing Manager