Get the most out of your UEM investment!

Learn why comprehensive patching matters.

18 August 2023

Watch this expert discussion to learn how to help your IT and security teams work together to protect your entire IT estate, including remote and mobile devices. You’ll learn:

  • How automated, AI-driven patch prioritization helps IT and security teams use a common language in tackling CVEs – and how that can start from the Ivanti Neurons platform.
  • Why being OS-agnostic and including third-party integrations is crucial for comprehensive, risk-based patch management programs.
  • How monitoring social status can help reveal true risk and patch stability.
  • How you can achieve comprehensive patching across an entire IT estate – from discovery through the “last mile” of patch deployment and beyond – starting with the UEM platform you already use today.

Not sure how to set up your Neurons for UEM instance to take full advantage of these built-in automations and features?

Please reach out today and request a custom walk-through of your UEM’s current capabilities and potential security-focused integrations. We remain dedicated to providing you with exceptional support – no matter what question you may have.

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