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Practical Demo: Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) + Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Better Together

2 March 2023

Phishing attacks were by far the most reported type of global cybercrimes in 2021 -- nearly four times as often as the next most reported attack, and well over six times the rate of personal data breach reports.

And yet, Ivanti's latest cybersecurity research found that only 43% of surveyed security professionals reported a phishing attack on their organization in the last 24 months.

This disconnect between perceived phishing campaign risk and actual attacks requires a proactive phishing response that goes beyond regular patch updates and reliance on internal training. Organizations must adopt strategies to identify and secure all users, devices, applications and data.

In this demo, Ivanti's internal endpoint management experts will show the value of a user endpoint management (UEM) + mobile threat defense (MTD) paired solution and how you can proactively:

• Implement a dynamic endpoint security approach that extends beyond monthly patch cycles.
• Detect multiple threat vectors – device, network, apps and phishing attacks.
• Form the foundation of any defense-in-depth cybersecurity strategy.

Join this webinar to learn how UEM and MTD work together to strengthen your endpoint security.

Raul Nadal
Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager
Scott Erickson
Lead, Technical Marketing Engineer