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Augment Warehouse Operations with Robotics

14 March 2023

Adding automation into your warehouse operations doesn’t have to be complicated. Together, Ivanti Wavelink and Zebra Technologies introduce efficiencies through a low-risk approach to robotics – augmenting your task workers to get more done.

Warehouse travel time is often spent just moving materials from one location to another. Offloading that material transport to Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) allows your human workforce to focus on higher value that advance tasks toward completion, accelerating goods along the critical path to customer delivery.

Integrating Zebra Fetch AMRs with Ivanti Velocity makes it easy to accelerate material movement throughout manufacturing and warehouse facilities, empower human workers, and ship more product each day. 

Watch the webinar to learn more and find out: 

  • Why Zebra Fetch AMRs specifically
  • What is the solution 
  • How simple it is to integrate – address key operational challenges while increasing profitability 
  • Uncover use cases: 
    • Receiving and put away  
    • Pick-to-Tote Shipping lane delivery  
David Lin
Product Manager, Robotics Automation
Zebra Technologies
Paul Norford
Ivanti Wavelink: Chief Evangelist
Sam Gonzales
Ivanti Wavelink: Director of Sales Engineering
Matt Eschbach
Ivanti Wavelink Director – OEM Sales