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Optimize Your Warehouses by Connecting Industrial IoT to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

26 April 2022

As complexity increases, manufacturers and distributors are seeking new ways to optimize customer service requirements with rising labour costs. Supply chain disruptions such as those experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic illustrate the significance of investing and in many cases accelerating investments in advanced technologies to facilitate real-time decision making and provide greater operational visibility.

Among the greatest supply chain challenges faced by organizations include increasing customer pressures demanding faster delivery, optimizing capacity utilization and improving inventory visibility to make informed decisions in real time and at scale.

Find out how integrating and connecting your WMS to IoT can help you solve these challenges:

  • Overarching Trend Toward Greater Automation, Connectivity And Intelligence
  • Get the visibility you need for effective warehouse operations
  • Pro-actively detect risks and avoid mistakes with real-time information collected
  • Lower your costs and increase profits with a good warehouse management system
  • Get flexibility you need to expand your warehouse operations without adding large investments
David Krebs
Executive Vice President
VDC Research
Paul Norford
Ivanti Wavelink: Chief Evangelist
Amit Levy
EVP, Customer Solutions and Strategy