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Do you think all browsers are the same? Think Again!

21 September 2022

If you think all browsers are the same, think again! Mobile and Front-line workers have very different needs than those of consumer smartphone users. While consumer browsers appear to be a simple solution for delivering mobile user interfaces, they are not designed to incorporate the unique needs of mobile Supply Chain workers.  

Join us to learn the benefits of using a purpose-built industry browser like Ivanti Velocity over Chrome and Safari that enhance the supply chain workers’ experience – better, more positive business outcomes – connecting enterprise data with the physical world.

During the webinar, you will learn: 

  • Why all browsers are not the same 
  • How to remove workers’ distractions and improve productivity 
  • How to secure your mobile environment from undesirable websites 
  • How to get consistent user experience across every device 

Greg Berger
Wavelink Channel Partner Manager
Greg Henry
Wavelink Global VP of Partner Channel