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Webinar Series Part One: A Multi-layered Approach to Anti-phishing

27 April 2021

Social engineering attacks such as phishing and credential theft are behind the majority of today’s data breaches, with some reports indicating a 30,000% increase since January 2020. Hackers are targeting mobile devices because many organizations do not view mobile security as a top priority.  

In the first session of our two-part webinar series, Ivanti’s Matt Law and James Saturnio will discuss what phishing is, its various types of vectors and why mobile devices are now the prime target for Phishing attacks. They will also share valuable insights on how you can protect your organization’s data and users’ mobile devices from phishing and ransomware attacks with a multi-layered security strategy.

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  • Enable complete mobile phishing protection built upon Ivanti’s zero trust security platform.
  • Drive and maintain 100% adoption for anti-phishing protection, as well as device-, network- and application-level threat detection and remediation.
  • Protect all internet-based traffic: corporate email, apps, in-app browsers, text/SMS, messenger apps, social and future modes of communication.
  • Leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA) and zero sign-on (ZSO) to further strengthen your organization’s security posture.

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Matthew Law
Sr. Lead Product Marketing Manager
James Saturnio
Senior Lead Technical Market Advisor