Cybersercurity Resource Allocation & Efficacy Index: 2020 - 2021 Trends

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Hear how security pros are responding and adapting to increased attacks and breaches, including facilitating more comprehensive cyber threat management strategies and best practices and the increasing investments and resource utilization to mitigate these challenges. Listen to the webinar, based on the Cybersecurity Resource Allocation & Efficacy (CRAE) Index study for Q1 2021, from CyberRisk Alliance Business Intelligence to hear the panel of experts:

  • Review survey results from CRAE Index‚Äôs Q1 global research study; 
  • Discuss the latest trends on proactive and reactive cybersecurity; and 
  • Hear insights on what lies ahead.

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Todd Fitzgerald
Vice President Cybersecurity Strategy
Cybersecurity Collaborative
Stephen Lawton
Special Projects Editorial Director
CyberRisk Alliance
Mike Riemer
Global Chief Technology Officer

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