It’s the Summer of Security

Stay safe out there

Summer is the time to kick back. The Everywhere Workplace means more people than ever taking their work on vacation or just to the nearest sunny lounge chair. But while you’re loosening up and catching rays, make sure you and your team aren’t loosening up security and catching malware, phishing scams and other major summer bummers. We’re here to help make this summer full of smooth sailing.

Tip 1: Slather on broad spectrum protection to block threat actors.

Threat actors are increasing in prevalence, sophistication and boldness. They are not messing around, and the days of trying to stay incrementally ahead of them are over. It’s time for a new approach: Zero trust. Harsh? Yes. Effective? Also yes. This is an SPF 100, broad-spectrum approach to security that authenticates and validates users and devices without relying on outdated and breach-prone tactics like passwords. Learn more about zero trust here. The right  prevention blocks a red-faced, painful outcome.

Tip 2: Make sure you’re not luring phishing scams.

The world made a rapid shift to digital everything and in most cases, security hasn’t caught up yet. Eighty percent of IT professionals see more phishing attempts now than at any point since the start of the pandemic. With everything opening up and remote and remote-first work the new normal, threat actors are ready to bite.  Learn how we’re helping organisations combat phishing, malware, and other threats that even well-intentioned, savvy team members can inadvertently reel in.

Tip 3: Keep a decentralised workforce afloat.

While people in many industries don’t have the choice to work from home, the ones that do have made their voices clear: They want remote flexibility. That means adjusting to a permanent Everywhere Workplace, which requires a different approach to security. We’ve eliminated the barriers that keep people from doing their best work, wherever they are. Confusing app interfaces, unreliable connectivity, sensitive data, lack of helpdesk access, a fleet of devices running different operating systems – Ivanti solves all of it.

Safety first:

Your Summer of Security squad is ready for action.