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Practical Demo: Minimize Threat Exposure With RBVM & Patch Management

22. März 2023

Overwhelming volumes of vulnerabilities. Insufficient prioritization that misrepresents vulnerability risk. Time-consuming, error-prone manual processes. Friction between IT and security teams that delays – or outright blocks – remediation efforts.

These are the hallmarks of legacy vulnerability management: an approach that leaves organizations highly exposed to attack, despite security’s best efforts… all while new exploited vulnerabilities continue piling up, unaddressed.

Join this webinar to learn how modern vulnerability and patch management tools can help your organization:

  • Implement a risk-based approach for vulnerability prioritization and patching.
  • Expedite vulnerability management processes through automation to reduce errors and mean time to remediation (MTTR).
  • Enable better collaboration between IT and security stakeholders to ensure timely resolution of truly critical vulnerabilities.
James Saturnio
Technical Product Marketing Director