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Phishing 2.0: How to Stop Cyberattacks Even Pros Can’t Catch

27. Juni 2023

According to the 2023 Press Reset cybersecurity report, over 50% of surveyed security professionals said their organizations hadn’t experienced a phishing attack – despite virtually every organization getting phished last year!

Today’s phishing campaigns use sophisticated social engineering techniques and the latest AI advances with devastating effectiveness, tricking your most valuable users out of sensitive information, network access and personal credentials.

Push your anti-phishing program to the next level with this webinar, in which you’ll see:

  • Real-world examples of modern phishing attacks that can fool even the smartest users and security professionals – perhaps even you?
  • Where and when internal training and anti-phishing tools tend to fail – especially for your most vulnerable (and stubborn) end users.
  • What your security team can implement today – and budget for tomorrow – to better protect every end user from modern phishing campaigns.
AJ Nash
VP and Distinguished Fellow of Intelligence
Josh Hohbein
Information Security Lead
Chris Goettl
Vice President, Product Management, Security