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Generative AI for InfoSec & Hackers: What Security Teams Need to Know

26. April 2023

ChatGPT, DALL-E, and other generative AI tools’ ability to process plain-language prompts to create new content is almost cliché by now.  

What could generative AI craft for your security team? 

And – perhaps more importantly – what has it already made for hackers today… and what could it create tomorrow?  

With special guest JR Robinson, head of technology at generative AI platform Writer, this webinar covers:  

  • Practical generative AI use cases for cybersecurity teams confronting current threats, while predicting at what’s possible in the next two to five years. 
  • Realistic risks of generative AI to your organization – both from the technology itself, as well as known hacker attacks leveraging the technology – as well as speculative use-cases from cybersecurity research firms experimenting with the technology. 
  • Counters to today’s AI-fueled cyberattacks using common tools and processes – plus what your organization must start doing right now to prepare for how generative AI will progress in the next few years. 
Daniel Spicer
Chief Security Officer
Chris Goettl
Vice President, Product Management, Security
JR Robinson
Head of Platform & Engineering