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Transform Your Supply Chain Operations with Ivanti Neurons for IIoT

26. Januar 2022

As a wave of supply chain disruptions hit various industries, now more than ever, logistics and distribution centers require the technologies to maintain operational efficiency. In warehouses where speed, accuracy and efficiency are all paramount, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could recognize problems and predict future issues before they arose?

That’s where our Ivanti® Neurons for IIoT platform comes in. It empowers supply chain businesses to collect the right information at the right time, create automation workflows, and simply visualize the information and analyse it for better decision making and business outcomes.

Join us to get the insights into Ivanti Neurons for IIoT:

  • Augment existing Velocity installations
  • Accelerate and develop a complex IIoT solution with low-code, no-code
  • Automate and integrate seamlessly into existing operations
  • Get real time insights and boost operational efficiency and quality
  • Use cases/Case studies
    • Yard Management
    • Cold chain
    • Fleet Management
Alex Evans
Principal Product Manager
Sam Gonzales
Ivanti Wavelink: Director of Sales Engineering