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Workspace Control 2020 now with Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence

1. September 2020

As part of the re-affirmed commitment to customers, Ivanti launched an Independent Business Unit (IBU) consisting of proven solutions with a large customer following. One of the solutions managed by this dedicated team is Ivanti Workspace Control.

A new dawn for Ivanti Workspace Control

Ivanti Workspace Control is now connecting to the cloud and adding Edge Intelligence, an Ivanti Neurons feature that gives IT the ability to query devices using natural language processing (NLP) and obtain real-time intelligence from across the enterprise in seconds! With so many users now working from home, this feature enables IT administratetos to retrieve data quickly and easily from endpoints, whether they are on or off network.

Join this webinar to dive into Workspace Control 2020, Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence and find out more!

David Murray
Director of Product Management, Extended Products Group