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Ivanti Application Manager 10.1 - Enduser Computing's 'Swiss Army Knife'

14. März 2017

Ivanti Application Manager is the ‘Swiss Army knife’ in the Enduser Computing team’s toolkit. Application Manager enables crazy-busy admins to remove end users’ admin rights by applying least user privilege, so users have exactly what they need to do their job—no more and no less—reducing workload, corporate risk, and regulatory compliance pressures. Overburdened admins can also leverage Application Manager to reduce the number of maintained Windows images needed to support the organization.

Yet another time-and-money saver is Application Manager’s capability to help IT manage and enforce software licensing agreements—it’s even recognized by Microsoft® for enforcing device-based software license control. Last but not least, Application Manager blocks malware and ransomware from executing on the endpoint using Trusted Ownership™.

Gary McAllister
Product Manager