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Enterprise Mobility: Anytime, Anywhere is the New Normal?!

9. Oktober 2013

The new generation of mobile technology is game changing for many organizations. It is the first time, consumer devices are dominating a whole technology sector, and IT is struggling to deliver standardized services across old and new devices with a common user experience and within appropriate security and compliance guidelines. The required changes to existing IT infrastructures can be highly complex and very often make existing IT strategies, service delivery, and processes obsolete. The consumerization of IT, the sharp shift from corporate devices controlled by IT to personal devices, is such an example. The rise of the anytime, anywhere workforce means that CIOs must think carefully and strategically about how to modify their systems of record and how to implement new ways to engage with their end users to make information and access available. In this session, we will focus on the key trend of Enterprise Mobility and the BYOD revolution and challenges that came with it. We will also highlight strategies to address these challenges so you can effectively empower your mobile workforce.