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NY Data Privacy: How to Simplify Compliance and Enhance Security

20. Oktober 2010

In New York, more than 400 data breaches in 2009 impacted more than 1 million state resident records – and according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, NY was 6th per capita in identity theft complaints in the US. To address this data privacy challenge, NY has several statutes in place to protect and inform citizens about data breaches.
But businesses in NY must concern themselves with more than just state regulations - NY’s neighbor Massachusetts imposes data protection and breach notification mandates on all businesses with customers in MA, regardless of where the business is located. In addition, there are numerous federal data privacy, data protection and data breach notification regulations which impact specific industries – such as those included in the HIPAA / HITECH Acts in the healthcare arena. And on top of this, there are industry-specific regulations which apply – such as those in PCI-DSS which impact every organization which takes credit cards.