InfoPro improves maintenance and management of its IT infrastructure with Ivanti

InfoPro Digital is a leader in professional information and multimedia solutions in France, providing communities with solutions designed to improve their efficiency, agility, and productivity. They serve six major industries: insurance, manufacturing, construction, local authorities, automotive, and the distribution of consumer goods. 

Industry: Digital Communications

Employees: 2500



This solution encompasses three key IT asset management solutions—License Optimizer for Clients, License Optimizer for Servers, and Asset Manager for Endpoints. Once combined, these three solutions deliver complete and unparalleled visibility to maximize the performance and value of both hardware and software. Not only is total asset management available to you, but you can reduce IT asset spend by reclaiming unused licenses, reducing downtime, and accessing accurate data for better vendor negotiating.
Patch for Endpoint Manager
Simplifying how you get things done and securing your management from a single console, patching simplifies the way IT works. Organizations are able to 1) increase security 2) reduce risk and 3) keep the business moving. With patching, your IT team can establish and automate consistent policies for all your assets, even those that are mobile, remote, or asleep. Reducing risk, Ivanti patching can detect and remediate OS and third-party app vulnerabilities in order to comply with laws and regulations. And most importantly, patching eliminates issues that slow user devices, keeping the business moving and users happy.
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[product summary]

Support and maintenance hampered by long waits and high turnover rates

Until 2002, InfoPro was struggling with long wait times for troubleshooting problems, installing new operating systems, or deploying software. And on top of that, their employee base had a high turnover rate, which only multiplied the number and already long wait times of support visits. Marc Edery, IT Operations Manager for InfoPro, says “Any support needed for a computer issue required that a member of our IT team physically go to the user and device.” 

Benefits to InfoPro Digital

Compatibility with Mac OSX

Ivanti was the only company with a solution that worked easily and efficiently with Macs, and after a series of successful internal tests on both Macs and PCs, Infopro moved forward quickly with the Ivanti solution. 

Improving While Streamlining

Christian Garrez, CIO of Infopro Digital, explains “We ultimately chose Ivanti...because the solution allowed our IT team to save time, making them more efficient.” 

Remote Control and Maintenance

Gone are the days of InfoPro’s IT team physically travelling to support a user and her device. With the solution’s remote control, IT stays put and the user is quickly satisfied, with little to no impact on their productivity.  

Consolidated and Centralized Reporting Capabilities

No longer having to travel to initiate software updates, IT can utilize Ivanti’s centralized reporting capabilities—enabling the support team to proactively adapt responses to best address each problem as they arise. 

Automated Provisioning

Concerning the deployment of new operating systems, Ivanti enables a new OS to be deployed on a device very quickly. “This type of operation now only takes about 30 minutes whereas it once took up to half a day,” reports Marc Edery, IT Operations Manager for InfoPro. 

Increasing user productivity for InfoPro with optimized maintenance

The implementation of the Ivanti solutions for InfoPro has allowed the French leader in professional information to remain as such. Overall, the consolidated reporting capabilities and the remote control of devices have amped up the organization’s support team, boosting user productivity and satisfaction as a result. InfoPro looks to call on Ivanti if future developments of the tool should arise.