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Success story

Harmonizing the IT Environments of Three Merged Businesses

Coop Adriatica and Coop Consumatori Nordest have already had positive experiences with Ivanti solutions (formerly Landesk). This feedback helped Coop Alleanza select Ivanit as its go-to IT management vendor. 

Andrea Guglielmi, head of IT security, says of this choice, "We wanted a company that offered cutting-edge solutions, but also believed in continually improving its products.” The company knew Ivanti solutions could help it get a handle on IT management enterprise-wide and would grow with Coop Alleanza as it worked to support the local economy and answer the needs of widespread communities for convenience, quality and safety.

The solution

The company adopted Ivanti Endpoint Manager and Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager for its 7,000 systems. Endpoint Manager’s ability to integrate with numerous IT solutions helps Coop Alleanza centrally manage its user devices. It also helps: 

  • Distribute applications to the entire enterprise via automated rollout projects.  
  • Provide a self-service app store experience.  
  • Deliver deeper insights into user devices — enabling the IT department to improve user productivity. 

For its part, Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager automates patch management across the enterprise to protect against threats, keep software performing at its best and meet compliance mandates.  

Vulnerability scans quickly identify systems with missing patches. Then, Patch for Endpoint Manager automatically applies the needed patches. This quick identifying system allows Coop Alleanza to initiate thousands of system actions with a single operation, without saturating the network. And that means both IT and employees can focus on supporting initiatives that help the company meet the needs and aspirations of its members. 


Coop Alleanza enjoys a strong track record with Ivanti solutions and anticipates additional benefits."We look forward to a complete view of and management of all our systems in a single environment," says Guglielmi, "as well as the ability to make accurate assessments of our software to comply with licensing regulations."

Note: A customer’s results are specific to its total environment/experience, of which Ivanti is a part. Individual results may vary based on each customer’s unique environment. 


Ivanti Endpoint Manager

Client-based UEM for all your devices.

Patch for Endpoint Manager

Add patch management to your Endpoint Manager environment to evaluate, test, and apply OS and app patches enterprise-wide—automatically.