Community Involvement

Giving back to communities around the world

We make world-class IT software to make your organization more secure and efficient. But, we also believe that being in business is also about making the world a better place. Our 1600 employees have diverse backgrounds, unique talents and big hearts, and we do our best to make a difference.

Ivanti gives every employee the equivalent of two full days off per year (in addition to their vacation days) to volunteer supporting a local cause. And with 1600 employees in 23 countries, that’s a lot of great community service.Our employees give thousands of hours of community service each year to support a wide range of causes. Some volunteer at local schools, some for local hospitals or libraries.

Our official corporate cause is STEM education.

#STEM - Get Involved

Our official corporate cause is STEM education. Ivanti was even named the 2016 Business of the Year by the Utah Association of Career and Technical Education (UACTE). And we want you to get involved with STEM in your region. Empower your employees to volunteer at local schools teaching coding, for example. If you've had a good experience volunteering for STEM education, please click on the button below and tell us about it.

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