Interchange Madrid is a wrap. It’s been fun hosting customers, partners, and keynote speakers from all over the world and learning about how Ivanti is continually innovating the world of IT.

To aid in your Interchange recovery, here’s a recap of some of our favorite moments.

Let’s start with Charles Brett’s recap of Ivanti’s top ten developments of the year, as presented by Ivanti’s Simon Townsend, Chief Technologist, EMEA..

Some highlights from Brett’s article in the Enterprise Times, in no particular order:

#10 – The introduction of the Hub; to Ivanti this redefines self-service management and goes far beyond traditional accessing a portal to obtain IT support.

(To find out more about the Ivanti Hub, check out our press release here.).

#8 – Connections: these come in two forms, those supplied in the Ivanti Marketplace (with some 250 connectors already or via Zapier with its 1500 connectors to non-Ivanti resources and software).

 #7 – Mobile: iOS and Android apps (with a consistent interface which also appears on desktops) are now available for IT Service Management.

#1 – this was the imminent arrival of Asset Manager Essentials, a cloud-based discovery with asset management (including TCO and RoI) suite which Ivanti has been working on since 2016.

This was perhaps the most exciting contribution to the top ten, with an extended demo to boot. Watch for more updates around Asset Manager Essentials, coming soon!

Moreover, the Ivanti Hub and Bot are featured (apart from Ivanti’s top ten) in another post by Brett.

Some highlights:

Announced in March of this year, the Ivanti and Bot release is an innovative AI solution that redefines user self-service and delivers a fast path to service management success. It “seeks to redefine the traditional concept of user self-service by delivering intelligent virtual support agents (VSA) with support which are contextual, conversational and intuitive.”

Ian Aitchison, Senior Product Director at Ivanti, said about the new release: “With the release of our innovative Hub and Bot app, we’re delivering a game-changing self-service experience for the modern business-user, with conversational and interactive self-service options that put action and answers right into the hands of the users, in the way they want them.”

In case you missed it, we handed out some hardware in the Ivanti 2018 Partner of the Year Awards, EMEA. Congrats to all the winners! If you’d like to learn more about our Ivanti Partner Program, check out  

And lastly, if you’d like to relive the action then check out some of our favourite Interchange Madrid videos below. Be warned, some of these dance moves may not be suitable for work (if you know what we mean).