We Are Ivanti

Well, we’ve officially changed our name to Ivanti. That’s HUGE news! It positions us for another 30 years of growth.

The headline is simple: LANDESK, HEAT, AppSense, Shavlik, and Wavelink have now officially combined into one brand and one company named Ivanti.

Click here for the official press release announcing the change. Also, be sure to head on over to our new Ivanti blog for an FAQ post.

  • independent_forever

    OK…so will Shavlik finally have more features and capabilities like adding support for Linux, putting back some sort of compliance feature as was in netconfig which was very nice to use? Seems like your product just keeps changing names but the app itself stays the same and, a little stale, if you ask me. We shall see but we are looking for another alternative that has more options and updated features. At least get rid of those annoying endpoint requirements like sharing wizard or remote registry and the like…and having to add shavlik ports to windows firewall and not being able to add other AD forests/domains–most annoying.