Supply Chain

The Android Browser for More Powerful Web Apps

SAP. Oracle. These are among the biggest names in enterprise systems. Applications from these companies and others like them are incredibly powerful.  They are the backbone of many the world’s largest supply chain operations.  And their apps are increasingly web-based, meaning you need a good browse


5 Hardware Designs for the Android Supply Chain

It’s been a busy month since NRF and exciting to see what’s been happening in the world of rugged mobile computing. Ivanti’s supply chain team has been out in the world talking about the migration to Android, and there’s been a lot of interesting conversation!   One of the common discussions was aro


Android Migration: How Do You Know it's Time?

Change is hard. It’s so easy to stay put and push changes to a later time. What do you do when time is running out? With looming End-of-Support dates, Android migration is something you know you have to deal with eventually. But, how do you know when it’s the right time for your business? If you dou


Insights into Android Supply Chain Management

When we speak with partners and customers about their mobility plans, the discussion quickly pivots to Android. Rightfully so, as there is plenty of data to explain why businesses are looking that way for their next generation deployments.  From there, the conversation naturally dives into not just