Supply Chain

Insights into Android Supply Chain Management

When we speak with partners and customers about their mobility plans, the discussion quickly pivots to Android. Rightfully so, as there is plenty of data to explain why businesses are looking that way for their next generation deployments.  From there, the conversation naturally dives into not just


Industrial Browsers to the Rescue!

How Browsers Can Ease the Transition to Modern Mobile Platforms While planning for the end of life of the aforementioned legacy Microsoft platforms is likely underway, there are commercially viable solutions that can help ease the transition to modern mobile platforms. Industrial browsers have been


Simplifying and Benefiting from App Migration

More than half (56%) of the warehousing professionals we surveyed plan to upgrade their existing fleet of mobile devices because these devices are nearing their end of life and/or the old age of their existing devices. In addition, the motivation to upgrade applications to a more visual and modern u


Essential Guidance for Supply Chain Executives

Based on our conversations with key warehouse operations personnel, we uncovered a recurring theme – there is often a disconnect between individuals looking to deploy modern mobile solutions and the supply chain executives who sign off on these technology investments. Executives we interviewed all w