Data Center Security: IT Experts Share Top Insights

Keeping your data center secure is a big challenge, especially when you’re responsible for protecting sensitive and valuable information. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, breaches can and do happen. When it comes to data center security, strong security measures are your best defense again


How Can I Protect You in This Crazy World?

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Facebook Single Sign-On Equals Internet Headache

Reports came out recently that, once again, Facebook has been breached. Hackers were able to take over the accounts of at least 50 million users. As this Wired article points out, it wasn’t passwords that were hacked, but access tokens. One thing that the Wired article details, and which is summed


ITAM and Endpoint Security: You Can’t Manage, Secure, and Effectively Defend Against What You Don’t Know You Have

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is inextricably linked to endpoint security. In fact, as shown below, the first two of the Center for Internet Security’s Top 5 Critical Security Controls emphasize just how crucial it is to understand what devices you have and what software is running on them. These contr


Operational IT and Security – Breaking the Siloed Approach

Due to the ever-increasing cyber security risk, many organizations are employing security teams, with the goal of defining security policies and detecting and remediating security risks. In addition, most organizations also employ IT operations teams, with the objective of making the business produc