Patching in Review – Week 6 of 2019

Only a few days before our favorite time of the month everyone! With Patch Tuesday around the corner, don’t forget to register for our Patch Tuesday Webinar for in-depth coverage and analysis! A remote-execution vulnerability has been disclosed for OpenOffice and LibreOffice where an attacker can r


Patching in Review – Week 5 of 2019

This week’s theme encompasses all web browsers, with major security releases for Chrome and Firefox as well as upcoming support changes for Internet Explorer. Microsoft announced the end to Internet Explorer 10 this week, with an upcoming upgrade path for Server 2012 and Windows Embedded 8 systems.


Can You See the Future? IT Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

AI, security breaches, voice automation, a rise in flip phone sales... these are just a few of the IT predictions people are making for 2019 and beyond. Here are some of the IT predictions we've received: AI and voice automation are going to be the trend. AI will continue to become more a


Patching in Review – Week 4 of 2019

While we are still weeks away from the next patch Tuesday, Apple has kept us busy this week with a series of security releases for its software catalog. A new ransomware campaign has been discovered by security researchers that’s being delivered through spam emails. This attack, titled “GandCrab Ra