June Patch Tuesday 2018

Most of the excitement may already have passed with Adobe’s Flash Player release on June 7th. The discovery of a Zero Day vulnerability (CVE-2018-5002) being exploited in the wild resulted in a Flash Player update (APSB18-19) which included the fix for the exploited vulnerability and three others.


Patch Management Best Practices—A 'Well-Oiled Machine'

Looking for a clear, well-structured overview of best practices and trends in patch management? Then this Ivanti security webinar is for you. First presented at Interchange 2018 in Dallas the week of May 13th and subsequently online, it’s one of our most popular sessions and is ready when you are.


How Important Is Patching, Really?

It is a commonly known fact that soon after cavemen discovered fire they tackled the next age-old question: Do we really still need to patch our applications? Cygilant, an Ivanti partner, recently hosted a webinar about reducing the attack surface with integrated vulnerability and patch management.


May Patch Tuesday 2018

Microsoft has released their Patch Tuesday update and it includes quite the lineup this month. 66 unique CVEs are being resolved this month. This includes two zero-day vulnerabilities and two public disclosures. The updates this month affect Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, .Net F


Wham! Bam! Fight Off SamSam Ransomware Attacks with Patching

Writing for on March 30, 2018, Lily Hay Newman’s headline reads, The Ransomware that Hobbled Atlanta Will Strike Again. So true. So, what can you do when it comes to malware protection? Ivanti can help. But first, a little background. SamSam has been around since 2015. As a malware attack,


Ivanti at RSA Conference: Worry Less, Relax More With an Effective Security Strategy

Nobody on their deathbed has ever said, "I wish I had spent more time at the office." The same can be said in regards to security. "I wish I spent more time responding to security breaches," is a sentence not likely to be said by anyone, unless the person works for a security firm contracted to resp