Device Control – An Often-Overlooked Technology

When it comes to IT security, Ivanti strongly supports the defense-in-depth strategy by providing products that underpin the Center for Internet Security (CIS) basic controls. The first and second CIS basic controls are 1) Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets, and 2) Inventory and Control of Sof


Hounded by Cyber Security?

I recently became a dog owner for the first time. Luna is a border collie, and typical for the breed she has limitless energy and needs big walks to be healthy and happy. This time spent outdoors offers me a chance for quiet contemplation and reflection—that is, when she hasn’t spotted a squirrel sh


Patching in Review – Week 42

With security releases from Oracle, Google, and Wireshark, with a total of 45 CVEs, this week after Patch Tuesday is not to be ignored. In the news, a vulnerability was found today in a common media streaming library that’s consumed by popular media players such as VLC and Mplayer. TheHackerNews de


Data Center Security: IT Experts Share Top Insights

Keeping your data center secure is a big challenge, especially when you’re responsible for protecting sensitive and valuable information. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, breaches can and do happen. When it comes to data center security, strong security measures are your best defense again


How Can I Protect You in This Crazy World?

The Irish band Aslan is one of my favourites. Their lead singer, Christy Dignam, has an incredible voice and is often my go-to artist when I need to unwind and relax. He sings with such passion; you sense that he believes every word and note. Listening to him is almost a religious experience. Chris