IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Why Attend ITAM Sessions at Interchange 2018: A Q&A with Director Phil Merson

Wow, we’re just days away from Interchange 2018 in Dallas—and being able to hear from Ivanti knowledge experts on how our solutions can help you meet your IT challenges successfully. Ivanti product marketing manager Mareike Fondufe, who has overseen the Interchange 2018 session tracks surrounding IT


Hardware and Software Lifecycle Management Using Ivanti's Unified IT Approach

IT asset management encompasses both hardware and software lifecycle management, but the possibilities can be far greater thanks to Ivanti’s unified approach to IT. To realize the full potential, we first need to understand the basics of IT asset management. To be able to accurately track enterprise


Technology Today: The New Rock Stars of Business Will Be In IT

Technology today is not what is was years ago. Traditionally the most talented people in an organization—our brightest stars—were most often found in sales, marketing, consulting, R&D, and other similar departments. The IT department would not normally make the short list of where we would look to f


The IT Journey: Where You Are, Where You're Going, and How Ivanti Can Help You Get There

Every day I speak to professionals in the IT industry about improving IT performance. Whether it’s increasing tracking of purchased assets, or simply handling requests for new assets and services, one common theme is consistent: Everyone knows where they want to be. However, another common theme als


Five Technologies That Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Impact in the Data Center

A data center is typically found in any organization that provides IT services to a business or government organization, IT services to consumers such as retail shopping, online media, and financial services, or IT services to internal employees. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a popular tec


Paying Too Much for Enterprise Software? Use Our IT Asset Management Calculator!

Whether it’s fear of software audits, license complexity, or lack of accurate tracking – chances are you’re spending way too much for the enterprise software for your organization without IT asset management practices. Software makes up a large chunk of an organization’s annual IT Budget. Forrester